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General Script Error (OLAP Connection)

We are using SAP Connector version 5.8

I am trying to run a query which is based on multiprovider using OLAP connection. Query runs fine until i include dimension called "Calendar Day" which is Time based.


As soon as that field is added to the query, QVW failes with error "General Script Error"

what could be the reason and what is solution.

Thanks for your help.

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Re: General Script Error (OLAP Connection)

you did not provide enough information to answer this question



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Re: General Script Error (OLAP Connection)

How it is configured:

Calendar day --> Pickup day  --> which is manually entered by user during time of query execution.

Bex Run:

so when query is run via BEX, it will ask for what date to run the query for, user will enter the range, data will be extracted for each day in that range and that pickup day will become calendar day for that query.

via QlikView:

Now how do we get that results via QlikView SAP connector.

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