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New SAP Connector

Dear Community ,

Is there a way the new SAP Connector be parameterized so that this data Shaped treated as in the previous version ?

After the switch, different formats are recognized - text as a number and / or vice versa .

The handling of blank / empty is obviously different. Is there experience with the conversion.

BR Torsten

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Re: New SAP Connector

Hi Torsten,

There have been a number of changes done to the SQL connector (starting in release 6.1 IR) regarding data format. The intention of the changes is to send the data in the same format as it is stored in the SAP database and let the formatting of data take place in QlikView and Qlik Sense. All changes (from release 6.1 IR and forward) are documented in the latest release notes which can be found on the Qlik download site.

For example the following was changed in release 6.1 IR:

The SAP data types CHAR (character) and NUMC (numeric character) were previously interpreted (in the Qlik script) as ‘numeric’ if they contained only digits. Leading zeroes were removed. (0000141000 became 141000).
Now they are always interpreted as ‘text’. Leading zeroes are kept. These data types are not often used in calculations, but if they are the new behavior might require script changes since calculations expects numeric values
Please consult the QlikView/Sense documentation on how to work with number and text formatting in QlikView/Sense.

There is a bug in release 6.1.2 regarding leading space. It is fixed in the next release 6.2.0 which will be released in the near future. From the release notes for 6.2.0:

Keys that depends on leading/trailing spaces in the entries were incorrectly trimmed. The spaces are now preserved in the SQL Connector. Note that it is necessary to set the System Variable 'Verbatim' to 1 in the script to prevent the trimming when loading the data. Link to 'Verbatim':


If the SAP connector release 6.2.0 is installed, it is necessary to use Qlik Sense 3.0 or higher. QlikView is not affected.

Unfortunately there is no other supported way to keep the data format from a previous release of the SAP connectors when upgrading to the latest release.