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QlikView 10 beta Configurable LDAP

I'm testing QV 10 beta, and I want my users in a LDAP.

I have downloaded Apache Directory (http://directory.apache.org) wich is running on the same server.

In the Enterprise Mgmt console, System, Setup ... Configurable LDAP I add my Directory [LDAP://] [uid=admin,ou=system] [secret]

It seems that the connection is working because if I enter a misspelling username or password get an error message. Correct username & password makes it go away.

In Settings (click the pen icon) I must configure a number of parameters
Account name property name: uid
Cache expiry in minutes: 60
Directory label: DSP1
Display name property name: cn
E mail property name: mail
Group member property name:
Group object class value: groupOfUniqueNames
I d property name: uid
L d a p filter: (objectclass=inetOrgPerson)
Service timeout in seconds: 30
User member of property name: memberof
User object class value: inetOrgPerson

These values must match what I have in my Apache Directory. The above values is a test based on the sevenSeas example explained in Apache Dir User guide. So far it does not work for me.

Since this is new to me I wonder if there is any example or description on a basic configuration that makes it possible for a user to login?

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It might be better to post this in the beta.qlik.com forums as that's where active discussion on the v10 beta program are.



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Yes, I'm awaiting access to the beta forum.

Creator II
Creator II


The QVW which tries to load the data from LDAP loads only the partial data frequently. We are unable to find the root cause of the issue as the QVW doesn't fails but it loads only the partial data.Can someone please help us to identify the root cause of the issue. It has been happening from quite a long time but we didn't succeed in finding the root cause of the issue. Hope someone can help us for the same.