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QlikView ODBC Connect to HANA

I'm testing the ability to use HANA as a data source for QlikView using the ODBC Connector. I am able to connect to and schedule extracts from tables on HANA, but I am unable to connect to any Column Views (attribute/analytic/calculation views) via the ODBC Connector.

Is there a HANA Connector in the works or any updates to the ODBC Connector to allow column views? I'm aware of the external JDBC Connector tool but we are curious as to any QlikTech supported connectors. How will direct discovery work on HANA without JDBC?


Cote Adams

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Re: QlikView ODBC Connect to HANA

This appears to just be a limitation of the ODBC Wizard. If we manually write the SQL statements against the views in SYS_BIC, we can connect and extract.

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Re: QlikView ODBC Connect to HANA

Exactly I can confirm it. You need to know the table names in advance and manually compose SQL statement. Under _SYS_BIC schema (where are stored Hana's Models by default) I can see only some default table: MDX_CACHE in ODBC wizard.

It's worth to mention that you must apply aggregation in SQL as written in SAP HANA Modeling Guide: "If analytic views are used in SQL statements, then the measures have to be aggregated. For example,using the SQL functions SUM(<column name>), MIN(<column name>), or MAX(<column name>)." Also some data types (esp. decimals) have to be 'casted', otherwise you will see empty fields in QV (e.g. cast(avg(MARGIN) as DOUBLE)). Anyway there exists JDBC connector for QV that provide more features.

I would appreciate some SAP certified connector to HANA DB included in future release of QV SAP Connector for Netweaver, but unfortunately I saw some presentation that SAP won't certify 3rd party software to fetch data from their data sources (might be rumor). So buy our juggernaut BusinessObjects product with SAP solution or nothing!

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Re: QlikView ODBC Connect to HANA

I am trying read SAP HANA Views (Columns Views), but this views cannot be read.  The Qlikview Query Wizard not show this views.  Attach message error:

SQL##f - SqlState: S1000, ErrorCode: 362, ErrorMsg: [SAP AG][LIBODBCHDB DLL][HDBODBC] General error;362 invalid schema name: _sys_bic: line 1 col 15 (at pos 14)

sql select * from "_sys_bic"."socovesa.maestra.data.views/SCV_CENTRO_BEN"

Please your help is very appreciated.