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QlikView SAP Connector to SAP BW


Please anybody send me the steps to be followed while making connection to SAP BW using SAP Connector. What are the prerequisites to be taken care before proceeding for connection. like . ports to be opened, need specific software etc..

Your feedback will be much appreciated...

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Re: QlikView SAP Connector to SAP BW

Hi Manoj

You can extract data using SQL connector - which requires to import the QV connector transports into BW + installation of the connector on your QV developer workstation

Or, you can extract data using OLAP connector - which requires only the installation of the connector on the QV developer workstation (without any transports)

I suggest you download the connector manual. You will find detailed prerequisites in it.



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Re: QlikView SAP Connector to SAP BW

You have the right tool.  SAP Connector will get you a variety of powerful connection options.

If you are primarily wanting to connect to BW you can use:

SAP SQL Connector

SAP DSO Connector

SAP Extractor Connector

SAP OLAP Connector

Depending on what you trying to do, you will chose one of them  The documentation is really good for this product.  Please look at the QlikView Connector Manual.pdf http://us.demo.qlik.com/download/

refer to the trread QlikView SAP Connector to SAP BW

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