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Qlikview & SAP

Hi All,

I want to connect my data source which is SAP with QV.

This is the first time I am using SAP data source.

So I don't know how to load data from SAP to QV.

Is it will be same as we connect with ODBC drivers..??



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Re: Qlikview & SAP


Need to install the sap Connectors for fetching data from SAP

Re: Qlikview & SAP

I think you will find here these and many other informations:


Connector for SAP

- Marcus

Re: Qlikview & SAP

Well, more or less.

Connecting straight to the SAP database using an ODBC/OLEDB driver can be done but that will get you into serious trouble. You'll have to translate internal SAP structures and use the metadata to assemble usable output. And that is just for the SQL interface (so I'm not talking about BW and MDX)

The better route is - as Marcus alread pointed out - to buy QlikView Connector for SAP Netweaver (or a competing product) which will help you to connect to SAP in +/-10 different ways, write/assemble the scripts (OpenSQL and such) and install the necessary certified software in a SAP system.



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Re: Qlikview & SAP

Hi Neha,

as others said, it's much easier and more efficient to use an SAP Connector, as many QlikView customers do to extract the SAP data into QlikView. You can either use the QlikView Connector for SAP or Xtract QV as I do.

About both you should find enough information and documentation in the web.

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Re: Qlikview & SAP

u have to download sap connector and ask ur sap basic team to configure on thr sap server those two transports.

get client access details from ur sap basis team and use those credentials to fetch data from sap source system.

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