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REST connector Twitter and Facebook ads campaigns

Hi there,

I installed the REST connector in Qlikview last week. My aim is to connect to private campaigns my company is running from both Facebook and Twitter in order to import the marketing data therein. An example follows, showing how a row of these reports look like if I'd download it manually from twitter ads:


The problem comes after install REST connector and test it I cannot find any table that takes the crucial fields I want to retrieve, namely, campaign_id, campaign, time, spend.

I would much appreciate if anyone could explain me how to retrieve those fields from twitter ads, if possible. If this cannot be done with REST but someone found and overcame same problem I am open to hear any alternative way to do so.

Thanks in advance for your help,


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Re: REST connector Twitter and Facebook ads campaigns


Did you connect to direct or any mediator there, Like Cloud?

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Re: REST connector Twitter and Facebook ads campaigns

Sorry for my lack of knowledge, what do you mean by connect through mediator?