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SAP Connector - extract times 4-5 fold

We've been working on SAP Connector 6.0.124 into ECC 721 release for some time (12 months) and all of a sudden we're finding our extracts varying 12 fold (from 40 minutes to nearly 5 hours). We've all but eliminated SAP, server or network issues but are perplexed. Has anyone had any problems with this version of connector.

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Re: SAP Connector - extract times 4-5 fold


There was a performance degrade for the SQL connector which was discovered in release 6.1 IR and fixed in release 6.1.1.

In release 6.1.2 there was a significant performance improvement for the SQL connector. We noticed up to 30 % better performance when extracting from some SAP tables!

If possible, I suggest that you upgrade to the latest released version 6.3.2. In the near future release 6.4.0 will also be available.



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Re: SAP Connector - extract times 4-5 fold

Thanks Hakan - I think this will be the steps I need to take. Whilst I'm sure it will improve performance it might not resolve the initial cause of the problem of 5 +fold increase in extract time. I'm assuming coming from 6.0.xx,  I'll have to also redeploy SAP transports to support the 6.3.2 connector.



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