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SAP Query Variable Change

I have an SAP BW Query as a source for QlikView. This query originally contained a hard filter on value type to extract only 'actual' data.

I recently updated this query to contain a Variable on this value type field instead of a hard filter. The variable is optional and allows me to select either actual or plan. If I select plan, it returns zero records. If I leave it blank with no filter, it still only returns the actual data similar to how the old hard filter worked. If I run the query in BW, it shows data for plan and actual.

Is there some place this query definition/filter is cached or stored that I need to clear out? I've tried restarting, I've ran ReloadSAPDD, and even new QVW extract files, but they still only bring in the Actual data which existed in the original query definition.

Has anyone ran into this and know how to fix this issue?


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