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SAP Queue RSA7 timestamp

Good day.

I have a question about sap extractors initialization.

In our SAP ERP systems we have sap bi connection. And we made initialization for particular extractor. I can see it in RSA7. For example  "Current status" -  10.07.2015 (today 17.07.2015).

After that we made Qlik initialization for the same extractior. And the "Current status" was same 10.07.2015 for new record in RSA7.

Then we loaded Delta in Qlik date in Current status changed to 17.07.2015.The same time "Current status" changed for BI queue.

Is this correct work of SAP Queue? Can I load Delta to BI after that (I have no permission to work with SAP BI unfortunately)?

Maybe I incorrectly understand information in RSA7.

I will be glad to any comments.

Thank you.

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