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SAPConnector batchjob status A

Dear all,

I have successfully installed SAPConnector 5.4 in QV9, to connect with an SAP ECC 6 system (with NW7).

When creating a CUSTOMCONNECT string the connection test ends successfully.

Entering an OPEN SQL command, however, makes the QV dataload look like it gets into an endless loop. When I debug the underlying SAP programs I notice the job handling runs into an exception which is caught by the QV front end.

The job handling runs into an error because the job status in table '/QTQVC/CONTROL' is set to 'A' (=Abort). However job status in transaction SM37 is 'Finsihed'. I also notice the RFC functions in SAP are executed with parameter TIMEOUT=5, no matter what parameter I enter in the CUSTOMCONNECT string.

My questions are:

1) Why is there a difference in job status between SAP and QV control table?

2) Why is the default timeout setting for the RFC connection set to 5, even though the documentation promises 1200?

3) Why does the TimeoutFetch parameter in the CUSTOMCONNECT string have no effect on the RFC functions?

FYI: I am using a very simple trial SQL statement, which should result in no more than 6 entries:


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