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Salesforce Connector missing fields in fieldlist

Hello together,

I'm using the salesforce connector for qlikview (salesforce.dll). This is running very fine.

But now I have found a very confusing thing: When selecting fields in the fieldlist there are missing some fields.


When selecting the table "Event" there should be available the following fields that I can't see:


When looking on the online documentation of salesforce you can see that these fields are standard elements of the table:


Does anyone have an idea why I can't see these fields?

Thanks and regards,


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Salesforce Connector missing fields in fieldlist

After contacting the support I experienced that the dll connector is developed futhermore. Confused

The fields that are not available are from a newer version of salesforce.

The alternative connector that should be use is the


QlikvView SalesForce Connector 1.50.00001 in Eglish

Do NOT use the other connectors (that is what the lady from the support told me).

The difference to the DLL connector is that it runs via ODBC - in my eyes not a suitable solution.

For me this connector is not running on 64 bit windows 2003 server, but maybe you have more luck. On my 32 bit laptop with windows xp is is running, but not very good (Sometimes errormessages or qlikview hang up).



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Salesforce Connector missing fields in fieldlist

Attached you will find an useful pdf explaining how to install the ODBC connector (and where to download)

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