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Select Options in Query, Error: "NO_SELECTION"

Hey all

While trying to extract data from a Query using SAP Connector for QV, I always run into the error message as shown below:

Error Message.png

This problem occurs, because i have to select a notification type as you can see in this mask from SAP:

Query in SAP.png

Unfortunately i can't figure out what kind of select option is needed in order that QV can pass the right parameter using the Query Connector:

Select Options in Query.png

If I select as shown here, I get the following script:

Skript QV.png

Executing this script leads to the error message as shown above. Unfortunately our SAP guys couldn't help me out on this one. Maybe someone of you already run into the same problem?



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Re: Select Options in Query, Error: "NO_SELECTION"

SAP Query is really not my strongest competence but reading the manual it says:

7.2.3 Using SAP Query Connector

It is strongly recommended to test the query in transaction SQ01 prior to testing it via QlikView. If the query prompts for variable input, create a variant of the query with pre-defined values for the variables.

Could it be that there is a prompt for Notification Type? Could you configure a SAP Query without that promt? / Mats

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