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Too many fields for SFDC connector


We try to extract all fields from table Account in SFDC. Currently, there are about 360 fields / columns - constantly growing.

When we extract using the statement "select * from account" (no where condition!), we get following error: "Query is either selecting too many fields or the filter conditions are too complicated". Even if we limit the extract to 10 rows only, still we get the same error.

After some testing, it looks like the SFDC-Connector / the SFDC-API allows us to extract the maximum of 302 fields from table Account.

So, we now load table Account in two steps: As a first step, we extract the maximum of 302 fields, in a second step the rest. Both the extracts we store into separate qvds and join them together in a third step. So far so good.

Our issue: The table Account is constantly growing - new fiels will be added every now and then. We don't want to add every new field manually to the second step. Instead, we are looking for a way to dynamically extract the fields from table Account. Something like "select fields 1-302 from account" for the first query and "select fields 303-n from account" for the second query.

Any suggestion how to achieve the "dynamic" extract of the table Account without adding every new field the extract statement?

Thanks & Regards, Marc

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Too many fields for SFDC connector

To paraphrase the problem, the SFDC API doesn't allow you to query more than 302 fields from the table.  It's a SFDC API error, not an error from the SFDC connector which was written by QlikView.

This isn't a great solution, but the only thing I can think of is query the SFDC metadata API with an external process, then write a .qvs script file with the dynamic list of field names, that is included by your QlikView reload script with an INCLUDE statement.

You could also probably write a QlikView macro to do something similar.