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Triggering SAP BI process chain from Qlikview

Hello All,

We have a SAP BI system acting as a data warehoure collecting data from SAP and non-SAP systems. Qlikview needs to fetch the data from SAP BI DSO using SQL connector.

Shortly we will be adding ECC FI data in SAP BI and Qlikview will extract data from the DSO. But we have a special requirement that the QV users should be able to trigger the data load directly from SAP ECC --> SAP BI --> QV in case they need updated data during period ends. In order to meet this requirement I was thinking that if QV can execute a program in SAP BI which in turn triggers the BI process chain then this can be achieved. I tried searching various forums for this but could not find much. Can anyone please let me know if this can be done in any way?

Appreciate your replies. Thanks in advance.


Amruta Borikar

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Contributor III

Re: Triggering SAP BI process chain from Qlikview

Should QV be reloaded once the Process Chains are completed successfully?

If so, what is the purpose of QV triggering the BW Process chains?

There are several ways to have QlikView Reloads triggered by BW Process Chains though. You can look for a standard practice in the Qlik SAP Connector Manual as well as another optional way that I published in here using RFC.

Thanks and regards


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Re: Triggering SAP BI process chain from Qlikview

Hello Yaniv,

Yes Qlikview will be reloaded once BW process chains are complete. The purpose of this approach is that normally BW process chains are scheduled once during the night to extract all the delta postings from ECC, but during month ends since the period remains open in ECC for first few days of the new month only the overnight loads are not sufficient since the user would like to see updated data in the reports for example the posting done in ECC in morning should be visible in afternoon. Hence special loads will be needed as per requirement.

So in order to  automate it, my thinking was that users should be able to trigger a job in SAP BI from Qlikview which in turn executes the process chain gets the new data to BW and then loads it to QV by triggering the QV EDX task. I am aware about the method to trigger QV tasks from SAP but haven't heard of any approach vice versa.



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