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Where condition in SAP REPORT

Hi, i would like to know if it is posible to do a filter or where condition in a SAP REPORT, using sap report connector

I have script to extract info from a sap report but the where condition i try to put does not function ok , and bring all the information

i put the code of the extract table

thank you a lot



Load [Field0_Fecha doc.],


[Field2_Centro de coste],







[Field9_Denominacion cuenta contrapartida],


[Field11_Texto de pedido],




[Field15_Texto cab.documento],




[Field19_Denominación objeto],


Select SAPREPORT (REPORT (RKAEP000), VARIANT (ZQVIEW3), ROWS_PER_RECORD (1), FIELD_DELIMITER_POSITIONS (0, 11, 22, 40, 51, 65, 87, 93, 101, 114), FIELD_START_POSITIONS (150, 151, 191, 192, 202, 203, 232, 233, 283, 284, 304), SKIP (T (2), T (1), T (3), T (4), T (5), T (6), T (7), T (9)), HEADER (P (0, "!Fecha doc.!Fe.contab.!Centro de coste  !Cl.coste  !      Val./MI!        Valor/Mon.tr.!MonT !CCtaCP !Cta.CP      !Denominacion cuenta contrapartida  !Texto de pedido                         !Doc.compr.!Texto cab.documento          !Denominación                                      !Denominación objeto !")));

where i have to put the correct filter or where...

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Re: Where condition in SAP REPORT

Hi Fernando,

In the latest release of SAP Connector, you could use 'parameters' and not a Variant. In that case, you can 'filter' on a value just like you do in SAP Client session.

This could be a solution for you.

Otherwise you can do a Resident Load afterwards and put your 'Where' over there.


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Re: Where condition in SAP REPORT

Hi Fernando,

If you want to have a better extraction time you should create a Variant so the SAP report takes shorter.

Anyway Dirk's second solution it's perfectly fine and even better than putting the where on the extraction.

Adrián F. Leiro

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