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AGGR with selections


I have this expression:

=sum(  $(vFiltroStockA)  EstadoUnidad = {'Sin Asignar'},  VariableNombre = {'Linea Barco'}, [Tipo Unidad] = {'Propias'} >}  aggr(if(num(LBMes) <> num(month(today()))  and num(LBMes) <> num(month(today())-1) and ReservaDiaSTOCK = 1, costoUnidades.costoUnidadQV  ),IDFabrica))

$(vFiltroStockA) = filters for selection (do nothing when fields are selected) example: EMPRESA_0km = ,

The problems is when select something in EMPRESA_0km field, aggr return 0... i dont know how to use aggr with selections, help!


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Re: AGGR with selections

You didn't specify an aggregation function to use in the aggr, so the default only() function is used. That most likely causes the aggr function to return only nulls.

Possibly you don't need the aggr at all, but it's impossible to tell without looking at the qvw document.

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