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Add Excel table to QVW and add record at script level

Hello everyone! I have a rookie question about adding external table from Excel into a QVW and adding records based on the data in the QVW.

Table A in the existing QVW:

TxID        Name                              Revenue

   1          ABC Technology Co.          1000

   2          ABC Technology Co.          5000

   3          Best Orientation Co.           1000

   4          Tong Co.                              200

   5          Tong Co.                              100

   6          Tong Co.                              800

   7          Sam Co.                               200

Table B in an Excel File:

Name                                 Label

ABC Technology Co.          ABC Tech

Best Orientation Co.           Best

Below table is what I want in QVW, to load Table B to the QVW file, and at the same time add all the records which "Name" exist in Table A but not Table B. Just put "Name" as "Label" for the record not exist in Table B.

Name                                 Label

ABC Technology Co.          ABC Tech

Best Orientation Co.           Best

Tong Co.                             Tong Co.

Sam Co.                             Sam Co.

The idea is that I would like to rename "ABC Technology Co." and "Best Orientation Co." to make it shorter. The reason of doing this is that sometimes the "Name" field is too long or not readable that I cannot use it to build my bar chart directly. I maintain an Excel table externally and would like to use "Label" field as the dimension for my bar chart.

Would you guys kindly help me on this?

Many thanks!