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Aggr for Two dimensions

Hi all..

I would like to display a top in opposite from 2 dimensions.

In my case, I would like a top 10 (Sales) of Products by Activity of Customer  :it's ok.

I input these function in used dimensions:

1 - Activity of Customer

2 - Product (with formula:

If(aggr(rank(Sum({<DATELIV={"$(='>=' & date(vStartDate1) & '<=' & date(vEndDate1))"}>}Sales)),Product)<=10,Product)

and in expression :

Sum({<DATELIV={"$(='>=' & date(vStartDate1) & '<=' & date(vEndDate1))"}>}Sales)

My problem, It's to recuperate those data and to put them in other dimension :The country.

In order : Country/Activity of Customer/Top 10 Products.

I didn't arrive to input this dimension at the top of used dimension because the filters are applied under the sub dimensions.

Can you help me?

Thanks by advance



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Aggr for Two dimensions

aggr( sum(Sales), Country, Region )

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Aggr for Two dimensions

Thanks Sunil

I also tried this function but I didn't arrive to put correctly in function of my structure.

(I m a beginner).

I put this at the top of the used dimension?This function will implicate the aggr() in the sub dimension.

Thanks a lot.

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