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Aggregate value down column in chart..

Any help would be greatly appreciated on this one.

Here is my problem;

I have a list of invoices that are composed of two lines, only on the first line does a value x appear. However, I need to see this value appear all the way down the column in my chart.

Value x is stored in field [Field X] and invoice number is stored in field [Invoice Number]

I am currently using: aggr([Field X],[Invoice Number]) which works pretty well.

However ive found it to be very memory intensive and I cannot push the aggr function back into the script.

Is there an alternative to the aggr function which would produce the same result that is not as labour intensive or would enable me to push the function back into the load script?

(an example of the results I may see are be below)

Invoice Number, Field X, Aggregated Function Produces

1 4 4

1 4

2 5 5

2 5

3 6 6

3 6

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Aggregate value down column in chart..

Is there an expression for Field X? You could try:

Sum(TOTAL <[Invoice Number]> [Field X])

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Aggregate value down column in chart..

Thanks for the response, its unfortunately not producing the desired result; The image above shows the current position of the data. The [Inv Print excess miles] field is "field x" (apologies if its hard to make out)

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Aggregate value down column in chart..

To add to this, I am looking to bring this value in as a field within the script. Not calculate it as a dimension within qlikview itself as this is proving quite a drain on memory.

I want to say something like this "for any given invoice Z, give me the first value in Field X associated with that invoice."

Aggr does work however qlikview does not allow me to use it in the load script so I am looking for something which I can use in the load script that achieves the same result.


Aggregate value down column in chart..


Would a Mapping Load \ Applymap scenario work here ?

Create a map table from your accounts source - like


MAPPING LOAD [Invoice Number], FieldX FROM....

Then when you load your accounts add an applymap,

ApplyMap('XMAP',[Invoice Number]) AS NewFieldX