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Aggregation Function in charts

Can we use aggregation function once we have while making charts and tables.

E.g. I want to aggregate data with respect to month. but don't want to include month as dimension.


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Aggregation Function in charts

Not 100% sure I understand exactly what you want but here are some examples of what you can do.

Set analysis:




aggr Function:

Let's say you want to sum the invoices for customers that have been with the company less than 180 days (let's also assume you don't have a [Length with Company] field or anything like that) but you only want to show the dimension [City].  You could use the following expression:





          if(today()-[Join Date]<180,

                    sum([Invoice Total])


     ,[Account Number]



In the above example you can't use set analysis because the [Join Date] of every customer is going to be different and the set analysis is calculated once per chart, not once per row.  Also use the dimension [City] for the example above.  You're quesiton was pretty vague but hopefully that helped a little bit.

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