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Aggregation of top 15 distributors

Hello, I am new not QlikView and got a big Problem.

I got a Table with each Order in one row:

- OrderDate

- Distributor

- more Fields which are not concerned with my Problem.

Now I have to do Analysis of Top 15 Distributor for each month like this:

Count orders of month and list them 12 Month in a row like this:

          Jan                count   Feb                count    Mrc                count      Apr      ...

Top 1  Distributor1     127      Distributor27    150       Distributor50    180

Top 2  Distributor19   111       Distributor50     99


Top 15 Distributor27   50        Distributor1    

I know I have to use aggr, but i got no idea how to manage data in order to get only the top 15 in the grid above.

Thank you for all help and solutions.

Best regards

r. Lubig