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Alternate States: Selections transferring unexpectedly

Hi Josh,

thanks for your example, very helpful when using different states. I have a similar case, but a little bit different. The problem I run into is in the "current selection" box.

All my 6 tables are in only 1 state (eg. state1), and I select values from the 6 tables, then pass the values into another state (eg. state2). the problem is that once I made any selection in any of the 6 tables, then after clikc the "button", what happened in "current selection" of the state2 is , everything will be displace even though I didn't select from that list box. For example, one of the 6 list box is Gender with value are (male, female). Even though I didn't select anything on that list box (selected from other list boxes), after the click the bottun, both "male" and "female" were shown in the "current selection" of State2. Did you run into this kind of problem? thanks in advance! 

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Re: Alternate States: Selections transferring unexpectedly

Hi Ruoxi,

I branched your questions because it is not directly related my other post.

It is tough to give you a definitive answer without seeing the app but I'd guess that you have actions setup that transfer the values from one state to another.  Depending how you are getting the values to transfer.  For example if you are using the 'concatenate' function to do this then you will transfer all members in that field that are available (i.e. everything in green AND white).  Therefore if you have not selections you will transfer all members of the field.  If you only want fields that have actually been selected (i.e. fields in green) then you can use the getfieldselections function.

I hope this help.



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Re: Alternate States: Selections transferring unexpectedly

Appreciate your prompt rely! Josh.

Yes, I used the "concatenate" function as in your example. I tried the "getfieldselections", but this function doesn't work in alternate states. Is that something new feature of the new version of QlikView? My Qv version is 11.2012354.


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