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Alternate States and Drill Down not working ?!


I created a straight table in a sheet with an alternate state and my drill down group don't seem to work anymore.

It doesn't matter if the table has as state <inherited> or "mystate". As soon as I activate <inherited> or <default state> for the sheet I can drill down.

I don't know if this is normal or if I'm missing something... Is this normal behaviour ?

Please see attached qvw...

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Re: Alternate States and Drill Down not working ?!

It doesn't work !

The only I found, was to use the combination between "graph display condition" and GetFieldSelection() in order to simulate the Drill Down.

No really fun !

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Re: Alternate States and Drill Down not working ?!


I've never used GetFieldSelection() but I already use some conditions for my expressions with getcurrentfield() like described here. And I'm already facing a significant impact on performance. I think another condition would be too much. But if I get this right, I wouldn't need my conditions anymore?

Could you explain your workaround, I would give it a try and see if it works/how performance goes.

I wonder if this behavior with alt. states is common knowledge? For me it was a big surprise and not a good one. And I wonder why there is so little response. Drill down is one of the main functions I thought.

Thank you and have good day.

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