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Alternate state issues


Can I use same filters once for different alternate state in my dashboard and how?

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Re: Alternate state issues


You can use same filter in different alternative state.

Try like:

Avg({[Group1]} [Adj.Close])

Avg({[Group2]} [Adj.Close])

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Re: Alternate state issues

Hi Vijeta,

Try this

Expr 1 :- sum({[Grp1] <City=$::City,State=$:Smiley Frustratedtate>} sales)

Expr 2 :- sum({[Grp2] <City=$::City,State=$:Smiley Frustratedtate>} sales)

fields city and state (for e.g) are your common filters. Their states should be default or inherited state.
city and state will remain common for above two expressions.

Hope this will help you.


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Re: Alternate state issues

all these working with expressions but,i want for dimensions

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Re: Alternate state issues

For Expressions its ok, but i don't think that for One Dimension you can use it for more than one time.

Can you post a sample?

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