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Another TY/LY comparison question. I searched forums and can't find the answer

Hello all. I am very new to qlikview. We have not even had our SIB yet. However, I am playing with some live data on the personal edition. I have searched the forums and have some ideas as to accomplish what I am looking for but still am not 100% sure. Basically, I have a master calendar with EVERY date from 1990-2020. I then have it broken down into about 40 columns such as fiscal week, fiscal year, calendar year/week/month/qtr, etc etc etc. I have my list boxes which allow me to filter by calendar or fiscal (which both are needed). What I am needing to do is have my charts/mini charts and objects show LY equivalents which match with the type of calendar chosen.

IE. User selects Oct 27th and decides he wants to see last years values. He then wants to drill up to fiscal month to compare to last year. Then he decides he wants to change to calendar month for the comparison

The key field is called order_date_time. the additional column breakdowns are fiscal_month_number, fiscal_month_name_abbr, calendar_qtr etc.etc.

I'm assuming I just add some flags to the script and reload, but apparently set analysis is much more efficient (I'm dealing with 10 Million records in this application). For what I'm doing now(basically trying to recreate an existing application faster and more user friendly, so I can sell this tool to the check writers of my company,), I will take the easiest fastest implementation advice you can pass along.

Again, I know this has probably been answered a few times, but I'm coming from a Microstrategy background, and this syntax is completely different, as is the technical aspects of the data structure. Any help you have will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


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