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Automatic Rename in Document-Objects

Hi together,

i've something (for me) quite challenging:

Got some Reports in QlikView with Tables, Charts and so on, based on a DataModel with technical Fieldnames.

All these Fields were renamed and the DataSource was changed to the new DataSource (with renamed fields) - but now the question:

is there a possibility to replace/rename the fieldnames used e.g. in Formulas of Charts to the new name automatically or its just manually..?

I was thinking of working with object IDs and so on (but actually don't know how to solve it concretely )

(Btw...a table with old_name and new_name is available)

Would be great if anyone got an idea!

TYVM for helping

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Automatic Rename in Document-Objects

I had the same problem. This is not possible (which kind of sucks). The most you can do, is use the Settings --> Expressions Overview and use the option "Find/Replace"

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Automatic Rename in Document-Objects

My collegue just told me to try this:

1. Close Document

2. Create new Folder (in the folder where the qvw-file is), named like: <qvw-filename withoud .qvw>-prj_

3. (i dont remember exaclty if step 3 is needed) Open document (and safe normaly to ur qvw

4. in your new folder xml-files for each object appear and may be edited

To use the changed values of these files just open qvw-file again and its changed (to keep that changes save document)

Acutally it's handled with search/replace too - but maybe can be done with any automatism

[And actually i dont really know what -proj_ does exactly,  still googling !]

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Automatic Rename in Document-Objects


This would be manual as fas as I know.


Rajesh Vaswani

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Re: Automatic Rename in Document-Objects

Please see if I understand correctly:
In the folder where the qvw, I will create a folder with the name of qvw but without .qvwthe end.
Example: I have a file folder BI.qvw. In this same folder I create another folder calledBI-prj_
Is this? There's something else?

Thank you so much!

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