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BarGraph Overlapping Years

Good morning All,

I have data which begins in August 2014 and ends in January 2015. I have created my calendar and have a bar graph by month. This shows January as the first month. How can I get the graph to show January as the last month so as to keep the graph in sequence?



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Re: BarGraph Overlapping Years

Hi Herbert

There are a few ways you can use, probably the simplest is to concatenate Month-Year together and then plot on a chart and/or add a sequence number in the script within your calendar dimension and sort by this on the chart.

Hope this helps


Re: BarGraph Overlapping Years

You can create a field containing Year and Month like this:


Year(Date) & '-' & Month(Date)

When you use this field as a dimension it will sort correctly - by Year and then Month ...

Re: BarGraph Overlapping Years


In Sort option use Year field and select Ascending.