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Calculating Date within Range of Dates


I have a Date Table with field WeekStartDate and my Fact Table with field DateOfSale. I want to compare sum of sales for this week (Week-To-Date) with sales for previous week (TOTAL Previous Week).

Kindly assist

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Re: Calculating Date within Range of Dates

Hello Harrison

Can you please attach an example spreadsheet please?

We may be able to do something using the weekstart, weekend, functions

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Re: Calculating Date within Range of Dates

Why dont you use something like this

Sum({$<Date_id = {">=$(=WeekStart(Date_id))<=$(=Date_id)"}>} [sale])  for current week till today.

Sum({$<Date_id = {">=$(=WeekStart(date(num(Date_id)-7)))<=$(=WeekEnd(date(num(Date_id)-7))))"}>} [sale]) for the entire last week.

In case you want to include the entire current week, just try using Weekend in the first statement.

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