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Can you use Applymap in application syntax? Help with input values.

Hi all

Hoping for some help on an issue I am having...

Users are asked to input a start and end date in the format of MMYY into an input box (with predefined values). These input values are then used in a range to sum up values. The problem I face is that the predefined values do not sort correctly and so, for example, if the user inputs a start date of '0312' (to represent March 2012) and an end-date of 0412 (April 2012) the months of 0410 and 0411 are also includes in the sum function.

Is there a way to apply a map to return a corresponding (sequential) number already in my model that represents the Month¦Year inputted fields for the sum expression?

The expression I am using is below and the image shows the issue in tabular detail

I only want the values associated to 0312 and 0412 to be shown in the 'Billing ref' object - and not the additional two lines of 0410 and 0411 - which are incorrectly in the range that the user has entered. By replacing variable with the corresponding '_sequence' field I would resolve my issue. Would apply map work here?

Any help is appreciated.




sum({$< _calendarperiod = {">=$(=_vFromPeriod3)<=$(_vToPeriod3)"}>} Billed_Hours  )

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Re: Can you use Applymap in application syntax? Help with input values.

Applymap works only in the script. If you want only two records shown for only the from period and to period try

sum({$< _calendarperiod = {$(_vFromPeriod3),$(_vToPeriod3)}>} Billed_Hours  )

If you want the correct range between them you'll have to create a different _calendarperiod field that does sort correctly, i.e. YYMM or YYYYMM and wrangle your variables into that format. Even easier would be to ask your users to enter their selection in a YYMM format or use year and month listboxes instead of your input boxes.

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Re: Can you use Applymap in application syntax? Help with input values.

Thanks Gysbert - but I would need a range and not only the two values in the input fields. So for example if From date is 0112 and end date is 0412 I would want 0112, 0212, 0312 and 0412 to be returned.

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