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Chart Colors

I am trying to make my bar charts all  one consistent color. I would like to have all my bars to have RGB(21,71,124).  I created a  variable called  vBarChartColor=RGB(21,71,124) . I've added the variable into the Background Color for all my expression in the chart.  It has been working find until my recent reolad. After my recent reload, itt is using the colors that are in the 'Colors' tab.

Any ideas on how I can fix this?


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Re: Chart Colors

Hard to tell from looking at your screenshot. Have you checked that your variable is still showing the RGB value?

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Re: Chart Colors

Yes, my variable is still holding the value of RGB(21,71,124).

Re: Chart Colors

Would you be able to share a sample where it isn't working?

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Re: Chart Colors

Do you mean the qvw?  If so, I wont be able to share the qvw.

Re: Chart Colors

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Re: Chart Colors


Is multicolor option in colors tab off, check off multicolor in color tab.

Hope it helps

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Re: Chart Colors

Using your method, you may need to include an '=' sign in the variable.

I.e. "=RGB(21,71,124)" and not just "RGB(21,71,124)".

Has the = sign been lost somewhere.


Re: Chart Colors

Hi Trung,

Try this:



Best regard,


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Re: Chart Colors

Thanks Agustin for your response.   Making the expression a dollar sign expansion $(variable) works.

I understand what is happening here. Initially, when I was testing, I created this variable in the qvw app.  However, after I got it to work, I moved the variable outside of the app and stored in it excel.  From excel, when I reload the app, I bring in all my variables that are stored in excel.  What I've learned is,  I needed an dollar sign expansion when I am using a variable.