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Chart Zoom

   Hello all!

I have the following questions:

  1. How to zoom in/out in a chart without limiting the data points included in the calculation? (Example: I have a chart calculating running 12 months values and it works fine when showing all values in the chart but if i try to zoom in or rescale using the mouse in the chart then the  first value in the new zoomed view shows value from only that month and not running 12 months value. I.E. the data set i am working with start from 2008 things work fine if no zoom or scale is done but when a user want to only see 2010 by creating zoom box in the chart then January 2010 shows only values from January and not the running 12 months value.)
  2. Is there a way to calulate using one dimention (ex. Months) and then view the bar chart grouped by another dimension (ex. YYY) without changing the values? My chart calculates based on yearmonth but i want the present only the data from the one month every three months. This seemed to me as Quarter from the begining but using quarter is not what i want as Qlikview calulates the wrong value when i changed the dimension from yearmonth to quarter. I only want to change the sampling rate but use the same values i calulate using yearmonth as a dimension.
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Re: Chart Zoom

Could you please post the app...

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