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Chart object - Action - Print Object generates png images instead of printing

Hi All

I couldn't find a similar question within the community so here goes:


I created a Qlikview report with 11 charts in one sheet. I want users to be able to print either all charts at once or one at a time. Therefore I created 1 button with 11 Print Object actions and one button for every chart with one Print Object action. In Qlikview itself it works fine but after publishing on the server it is no longer working as it should:

When clicking for example the 'Print All' button, the report generates 11 png images, each image in a new Internet Explorer tab:


I don't want to tell my users to copy / paste the images into a document and then print that document. I'm assuming this should work since it's a functionality within the software..

Is there anyone who has a solution for this?

Thanks in advance.