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Chart with multiple rows

Please help me make a mock chart out of this excel. I have tried numerous things but the expressions, dimension, and all the variables I have is too much.

In the file you will see a received time (help me make this hh:mm) . dl name (distribution name) , sent by, subject, and dates. Please help me make this into a graph or line chart (whatever floats your boat and looks best) that shows the trend of volume and time and date. 

Thank you a million.

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Re: Chart with multiple rows

This a bit of a tough task.  There are a couple of ways to go after this.  I think you need to do these few things first.

1.  Create a DateTime stamp from the Date and Time.  This gives you a date and time, in one field that you can use as a dimension

2.  Create a Delivery counter.  You need something to count or Sum.

I have quickly created a few charts for you. 

1.  The first one is just a line chart, pretty straightforward.

2.  Grid Chart by Date and Time.  Not sure how useful this is, but you can see how deliveries accumulate by hour, over the course of the dates in your data set.

3.  Continuous axis Line chart is the last one.  This is pretty straight forward, but it is on a Continuous axis, which is a bit different.  Ideally, I would want to create some sort of a Date marker, something that should show where each date starts, so you can see how the volume trends over the course of the day, then starts over.  the Grid charts gets at that a bit more.

This is what I can do for you in a short amount of time and with very, very limited knowledge on what the outcomes you are trying to accomplish.  It would be great to know a couple of use cases or Key questions, to help better drive design.  The key question I made these charts against is pretty simple, "Have the distribution of my deliveries, during the course of day, changed in pattern over the past few months?"

Also, look at the load script.  I made some changes to your fields.  You have to create some dimensions in order to really drive home your analysis.  Get creative.

This is meant to inspire you, not complete your task.