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Colors in linear gauge


I'm trying to represent some values in a pivot table as linear gauges. I did that, but now I need to color each "Categoria / Marca" with an custom RGB that I have in an inline.

This is how the table actually looks:

pintar imagen.jpg

The expression that I'm using in the "Segment" color is:

If($(vRegDemCat) = 2, Only({<Categoria_Marca>} RGB(R, G, B)))

I don't know what is wrong and why the dimensions aren't getting their colors.

Thanks a lot.

Kindest regards!

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Re: Colors in linear gauge

A set analysis expression creates one set per chart, not a set per dimension value. That's why your expression doesn't work. Perhaps this will do the job: If($(vRegDemCat) = 2, RGB(R, G, B)).

If not take a look at this blog post: Colors in charts

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Re: Colors in linear gauge

Hi, I have tried that and I didn't get any result, all I got is the same green for all dimensions.

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