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Combining two sets of results in one report

Hi all,

I have a chart (pivot table format) in which I display results based on account groups (P&L defined groups consisting of specific accounts). Accounts are in turn linked to cost centres. (Unfortunately the grouping is defined account by account, since the numerical sequence is not logical, ie, not in fixed ranges).

In the report I filter the results by excluding all cost centres related to the production department. However, I want to include a sum of production department costs in a single group in the same chart. In addition, the Production dept cost centres are distributed across all accounts.

Is there any way of using for example set analysis to give me the above result?

At the moment I get around the problem by having two charts, but the issue is that I would like to show an overall total, broken down by the account groups:

Report 1

All accounts, cost centers excluding cost centres 100-199

Report 2

All accounts, only cost centers from 100-199

How can I combine these two reports into one, showing report 2 as a single line under a grouping called "Production Costs"?

Thank you very much in advance for your help.

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