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Comparision using Qlikview

hi all,

now i have question need your help.  Currently i need to make a comparision between 2 tables, for examples table A(A,B,C,D),table B(A,B,C,D) which having the same definition. now i need to judge if A.A=B.A ,if yes i would check if A.B=B.B , and also if true still need to continue to check if A.C=B.C till to check if A.D=B.D.  Qlikview could implement this?   any suggestion would be appreciated ,thanks

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Re: Comparision using Qlikview


I didnt get your requirement. Can you tell clear requirement else upoload your sample application

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Re: Comparision using Qlikview

do u want to join these two tables?

when you will load these two tables then it will concatenate as the both table has same field names.

by default qlikview does full outer join.

it is good if you elaborate your problem more and give some sample application.