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Comparison Chart from QV 9 to QV 11 for technical details, macros, script sytntax

I am new to QlikView.  The company I work for is changing over from QV 9 to QV 11.  However, I still have to design reports that will work with 9 until the official roll-out and because the rest of the staff here uses 10; I write in 10.  Recently, I was tasked with writing a macro that makes changes to the chart objects.  We use QlikView Server and QlikView Publisher; both in the 9 environment.  I found that in a macro created in 10 and used on 9 the syntax:" chartProperties.Expressions" fails however, the syntax:" chart.GetProperties.Expressions" works just fine on both.  After spending a couple of hours on this problem, I came to ask myself if there was a chart or white paper or list somewhere that could help me avoid these kinds of errors in the future.  Much searching on the community in the reference materials and the developer's handbooks has yielded no results.  Does anyone know if such a thing actually exists?

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