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Conditional Sum

I want to add two quarters on selecting a half year. The two quarters hold the value of the last month of each quarter. So basically i want to sum up the values of the last months of the quarters.

An example:


half-year : 1         quarters : 1               months : June (50 for say)

                                         2                            September (100 for say)

so on selecting half year : 1 the expression column should display 150

Any idea on how the expression should be?

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Re: Conditional Sum

Can help you out without checking your sample file or apps but you can try something like this..

For Selecting an entire last month of quarter...




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Re: Conditional Sum

Very simple solution if you can change the data model. Modify existing calendar table or add a new table that has the half year preselected.


Month, HalfYear
1, 0
2, 0
3, 1
4, 0
5, 0
6, 1
7, 0
8, 0
9, 2
10, 0
11, 0
12, 2

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Re: Conditional Sum

i think attaching sample data/file with expected output would help in resolving this sooner. you think you can upload a sample data or a qvw?

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