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Conditional scripting to select one of many fields in a data set


The attached string of data is a number of different progress updates for a single sample query (called number 12345).  I am trying write script that provides a couple of different outputs:

(1) There are multiple "scheduling dates" - I need to create a master ScheduleDate that just pulls the timestamp for the very first "Update" in time that is "Scheduled."

(2) Generate a list that includes this query number 12345 when the "Update" field has changed from anything other than "Unable to Contact" to "Unable to Contact" (e.g. a list generated on both 28-Jun-12 and 17-Jul-12 would include this query number, but not on 01-Jul-12 because the "Update" field is the same.

Thanks for the help!

NumberUpdateUpdate TimestampStatus Timestamp
12345Unable to Contact28-Jun-1228-Jun-12
12345Unable to Contact01-Jul-1201-Jul-12
12345In Progress05-Jul-1205-Jul-12
12345In Progress05-Jul-1205-Jul-12
12345In Progress05-Jul-1205-Jul-12
12345Unable to Contact10-Jul-1210-Jul-12
12345In Progress13-Jul-1213-Jul-12
12345Unable to Contact 17-Jul-1217-Jul-12
12345Unable to Contact 10-Aug-1210-Aug-12