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Continious axis Grid chart

Dear all,

I'm trying to create a bubble chart with

x-axis --> payment term

y-axis --> Discount

Bubble size (number of suppliers)

So far so good.

hoever the payment term for instance 17 days does nog exists it jumps from 14 to 21 without anything in between on the x-axis.

Same for discount. I do no have all the variants in my dataset so it jumps from available value to available value.

I think I would have to create an extra dimension with the values in there or something

Appreciate the help,


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Re: Continious axis Grid chart

It sounds as if you're using a grid chart, when you probably should use a scatter chart. In a scatter chart, two expressions are used as graphical dimensions. See Recipe for a Scatter Chart


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Re: Continious axis Grid chart

Hi Henric,

thanks for trying to help me out.

the thing with the scatter is that I have no need for a dimension and I have to fill one out

I just want to know how many supplier have which combinations of factors, all these three are expressions in the scatter, I do not understand what to plot as the dimension

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Re: Continious axis Grid chart

Hi all,

I have added sample data in order to perhaps work out a solution




Re: Continious axis Grid chart

For scatter chart, the dimension is what separates the datapoints from each other. Because the axes are expressions, it's possible - theoretically and quite often in practice - to have two datapoints exactly on top of each other.

In your case it's of course not possible because what specifies your datapoint is the same thing you have in expressions - payment term & discount. So I'd try to use exactly that as the dimension, try using a calculated dimension to see if it works at all.


Re: Continious axis Grid chart

Example to elaborate on my idea above, using your data.

Re: Continious axis Grid chart


another solution could be to calculate an ID in the script like:

LOAD [payment term],


          AutonumberHash128([payment term], Discount) as PaymTermDiscID,

          [Supplier ID]

FROM yoursource;

and to use this PaymTermDiscID as dimension.

hope this helps