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Count the record if a partial string match is found

Hi All,

I have a Customer table with the list of Most valuable customers

Table Customer:

Mike Freeman,

Ian king,

Juan Sant


and a call log table

Table Call log:

Customer Name          Notes                              Timereported    

Mike Freeman pv_     Issue with the product     1/1/2011 1.23 AM

Ian king                         Mike Freeman is the       1/1/2011 1.25 AM

                                      main account person .

                                       returing the product as               

                                    it was part of the main package   

Juan Sant           Not happy with the product          1/1/2011 1:26 AM

i want to create a chart that shows

the customer name with the number of incidents reported and also the actual incident reported


Customer Name     No of incidents     Notes

Mike Freeman     2          issue with the product

                                        mike freeman is the main account person

Ian King               1          mike freeman is the main account

Juan Sant          1          Not happy with the product

Customer Name in the call table migh have some junk characters with the customer name also in the notes section the customer name might appear anywhere.

I tried exists() but that doesnt seem working.









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Honored Contributor

Count the record if a partial string match is found

Not quite sure what you're trying to parse out (or why Mike would have 2 incidents)? You might want to look into the String Functions in the F1-help in QV.

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Count the record if a partial string match is found


In script, you can use function called "Left"

e.g. In 1 table, Customer name = Mike Freeman xyz

      In 2 table, Customer name = Mike Freeman

In script, fetch these customers with function

                         Left(Customer,5) as Customer,

This 5 indicates first 5 alphabets of Customer name.

Since, you will apply this for both tables, same name will get captured in QV while loading.

I hope this can serve purpose.

If not, please share sample data, Excel & QV.

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