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Cross reference of a field


I hope somebody could help me with a tough Topic. have a loaded Table with Details of Doccode REMIN.

The database is in Oracle and the table has all columns for all lines. When Info is not neccessary the field is empty.

The paydate is in Doclinenum1. The first Line with El1 = '1601' is the Supplier-line with payment-Infos. But I Need to have that payment info the second line with Doclinenum2. The Lines with El1 = '**99' are the asset-accounts. The ref1-6-Fields are References of the Doccode+Docnum (So it is written in every line).

SO the Goal is to get a List with all assets bought and with the paydate of These assets.

How can I realise that? I tried several things but nothing worked, because the second line has its own paydate-field, which is empty.

Thanks in advance.


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