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Cumulative Sum of a Column


I learned in this forum that the fuction "RangeSum" combined with "Above" can cumulative sum a column, however this is not working for me and i wanted to ask for your help.






In the image you can see two columns with ID and client Name. next I have 2 more columns with money sent and money received. next column would be the column(2)-column(1) result (received - sent) and in the last column I want to show the cumulative result of (received - sent). unfortunately, it seems i'm worng in the formula and the last column is showing Column(3) instead.

the formula i'm using is Rangesum(Above(Column(3),0,RowNo())). I also tried with Rangesum(Above(SUM(Column(3)),0,RowNo())) but i does not work either.

thanks in advance for your help

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