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Cumulative time graph

We want to follow the evolution of the customers who had buyed last year and who came back this year until the month we selected.

We wrote this formula :

Count({< IDC = P({<IDC -= {'0'},  Annee={$(=Max(Annee))}>} IDC)*P({<IDC -= {'0'}, Annee={$(=Max(Annee)-1)}>} IDC)>} distinct IDC)

It work fine.

But, when we put it in a bar graph, we don't have the same result :

When we select 1 month : OK


But, when we select 2 month, the result is wrong in the bar graph :

The result is false for the last month, and the first month is not good.


can somebody help me ?



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Re: Cumulative time graph

i think the problem is there is no intersect between the first month and the second month. How can  i modify the formula to make this intersect in the graph :

First month = first month

Second month = intersect ( intersect(M1 2014, M2 2014), 2013)


Re: Cumulative time graph

please post sample application




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