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Data Reduction with Set Analysis

I have an application that uses section access to reduce data so that an agent can only see polices for their book of business.  Within this application, I also need to show benchmarking data for the entire company compared to the individual agent.  Can I do this using a set modifier, i.e. sum( {1<Region= {US} >} Sales ), in set analysis, or will my data reduction cause this to only show results for the agent?

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Re: Data Reduction with Set Analysis

The sum will only show for the data related to that agent even with set analysis. A quick test will show the total spend for a set to be more than the spend after the data is reduced.

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Re: Data Reduction with Set Analysis

Hi Swenzel,

Maby is is an idea to make an extra field in your table(s) or a referential table with the totals of all agents.

If you make this field for each agent, you can use it even after the section access.

It will cost you some extra dataload, but will solve your problem.

Succes, Halmar