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Dependable sliders

Did anyone run upon a problem of for exp three sliders, that should be dependable on each other?
When I talk about dependable, I am thinking about the variables on sliders..

So the sum those three variables should for exp be 100.
If theirs values are A = 60, B = 30, C = 10, and for exp we change A to 70, than B should go down and also a C. I know the exactly formula which can done this, but I really can't make it work...

My status of work, macro chould run on variable change and set the value of two others with formula, for B = B+ (100 - (A +B+C))/(B+C)*B

Can anybody make a short example of qlikview where this works?


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Dependable sliders

Hi Vrbcic,

you can add a document trigger on variable change.

The attached sample is on QV9 and is only changing slider 2 on slider 1 change.

Best Regards,


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Dependable sliders

I don't know why, but I even can't see the macro with 8.5 QlikView version..

I easily solved the situation with 2 dependable sliders, but with 3 it is quite chalenging. I think very hard, maybe for me 😄

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Dependable sliders

For 3 sliders I couldn't get Jalmeida's example to work properly either, so I am using a macro instead of variable triggers.

Moving the sliders triggers a macro. The total sum of the sliders will not exceed 100.

The attached example should work for 3 connected sliders.