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Dimension over all document

I have a dimension PERIOD which contains YYYYMM. I want to use it in a graph without being limited by the current selection. I.o.w. I'd like to see all available periods at all times in stead of the maybe only one selected. Must be a simple thing...but newbe....

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Re: Dimension over all document

Hi Milo,

[first of all, just as a thought - the header of your post suggests sth. quite different, namely that you want to make your dimension universally available, which could be done by putting it into a variable (as an expression)]

There are several possibilities to make the dimension independent of selections (although thereby you kind of block an integral part of QlikView's abilities):

=> Tick the checkbox "read_only" on the "general" tab of the properties_dialog of your chart.


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Re: Dimension over all document

Use the set modifier sum({<PERIOD= >} measure) in each of your expressions.

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Re: Dimension over all document

Please attach sample data of your desired output

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