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Dispaly of Image based on conditions

Hi Friends,

I have a requirement in developing a report in which i have to get the images dynamically, suppose there are 10 charts with different expressions,suppose in first chart the  expression is like this if ( expression >=targetvalue,'1','0') if this condition is satisfied den it shud be considered that means taken as count one, likewise if suppose out of 10 charts 8 charts have satisfied the condition so the count shud be taken as 8 . Based on this value a image shud be displayed at the Top which is called as overall status, if 8 then a circle image, if 9 then some triangle image likewise so on....

How can i achieve this in qlikview. If there are any  application similar to this pls attach it and suggest me how can i achieve this.

Thanks in Advance,


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Re: Dispaly of Image based on conditions

You could create variables that return 1 or 0:

    vExpr1:  if( expression1 >=targetvalue,1,0)

    vExpr2:  if( expression2 >=targetvalue,1,0)


    vExpr10: if( expression10 >=targetvalue,1,0)

These variables can then be used in a pick function to select the right image:

    pick( rangesum( $(vExpr1), $(vExpr2), ... $(vExpr10)) ,

        'qmem://mypics/image1.png' ,

        'qmem://mypics/image2.png' ,


        'qmem://mypics/image10.png' )

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