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Establish closing month in script


I'm going crazy not understanding what's wrong with my script so i need you guys, In my script i have the following statement:

if($(vCurrentDay)>=$(vCloseDate), $(vMonthToday), $(vPreviousMonth)) as ClosedMonth

Where the variables are as follows:

vCurrentDay = 4

vCloseDate = 8

vMonthToday = Mar 2014

vPreviousMonth = Feb 2014

The statment is in my calendar load. And when i run the script i get the error " ')' expected".

What am i missing? i have several if statements in the same load that works just fine.


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Re: Establish closing month in script

some ' missing?

if($(vCurrentDay)>=$(vCloseDate), '$(vMonthToday)', '$(vPreviousMonth)') as ClosedMonth